Become a Better Seller

Become a Better Seller

When it comes to selling your South – East Queensland home, there is a lot to consider.  At Tamer Property, we consider every angle to help you be a better seller and meet with success and less stress in selling your South – East Queensland home.  Our expertise means more profit for you!

Your sales price and selling timeframe are largely determined by your attitude, resources and expertise.  Luckily at Tamer Property you have a very important resource – our experienced and knowledgable team  – working around the clock to assist you in the sale of your home.  Our knowledge of the area and special consideration of the various South – East Queensland home markets will guide you through the process of establishing your timeline, pricing, and strategy when selling your home.

We set your South – East Queensland home price at a realistic price, based on the current market, but also take into consideration your home’s condition, special characteristics and how quickly you would like to sell.  We help you set the tone in your home so that it appeals to buyers.  The presentation of your home, inside and out, largely determines buyer interest.  We have professional home expert to help in this process, if desired.

What we need from you.  We need you to rely on our experience to ready your home and make it a showpiece!  Whether that means working with us and with your buyer so that your property can be shown (during the hours in which you are comfortable) or making your home available to inspectors so that deadlines can be easily met, it’s through teamwork that your South – East Queensland home will be sold most quickly.  In fact, if you already have trusted contractors, we can use them to make any repairs.  If not, we can provide you with our list of trusted service providers.  Working together, we can help you realize your goal of selling your South – East Queensland home, sooner than you believed possible!

In the end, Tamer Property is the ONLY proven commodity that will ensure the sales process from beginning to end.  Judge is not by what we say, but those we have successfully served!