Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Building advantage through world-class intelligence.

At Tamer Property, we put our global body of intellectual capital and knowledge to work to create distinct advantages for our clients and our people every day. We’ve re-imagined Tamer Property Research, delivering the insight and intelligence of our foremost economists, researchers and thinkers through a series of redesigned processes.  In short this makes us the most desired property management and developer in South-East Queensland.

Knowledge is only powerful if it’s actionable. We use our unrivaled scale, expertise and global footprint to ensure our clients are empowered to make the best decisions–for their
real estate and their organizations.  Putting the power of “Return on Investment” back into your hands through our system.

Investors can access Tamer Property current projects and developmental ideas direct by emailing (email address).

In addition, see our featured developments, property listings, and opportunities by simply clicking here: <URL>

For a prospectus, reporting, and other specific financial inquiries please write direct to

Tamer Property
Investor Relations
Attn: Accounting

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